Watch Hub joins the RPAIR platform

Watch Hub. Specialist watch repair. It's about time

We are so excited to launch our Partner of the Month Campaign, where we can speak a bit more about the amazing businesses that we are partnering with. We can show off what these businesses can do, and why they chose to join RPAIR to help our customers get quality, transparent and efficient repairs for your most cherished items.

Our Co-Founder Abbie was lucky enough to talk with Nathan Davies the Director of Watch Hub, and learn more about his business, and also Nathan himself.

We asked him how and why he got into the watch repair industry?

“After an error with an apprenticeship course in college at the age of 16 I decided I needed to get a job. I applied for a part-time position with a well-known High Street jeweller. Surprisingly, I was selected and that's where my jewellery and watch journey began. By the age of 17 I had completed my jet examinations which is a nationally recognized qualification within the jewellery trade and the national association of jewellers. At 18 I was headhunted by a relatively small watch repair company. I helped this small company grow and played a key role in helping them become the UK's largest independent watch-only repairers in the UK. They went on to be acquired by Watches of Switzerland.”

"Being in the watch repair industry for such a long time, you must have seen every kind of repair there is, but what types of repairs do you get excited about?"

“I love the unusual repairs, the watches you don't see very often, these are usually the most complicated types of repairs. Trying to complete a repair that another has not been able to do really gives a sense of achievement.”

We then asked, "If you had to give yourself a tagline that encapsulates the ethos of your business what would it be?"

“Specialist watch repairs. It's about time” (TM) or “Using specialist techniques to provide a unique and professional watch repair service at an affordable price.”

We asked Nathan "what his thoughts were about RPAIR and what we are doing"

"RPAIR is a fantastic platform for customers to take away the hassle of finding a watch repairer."

"With RPAIR being such a new platform what was it that attracted your attention to the platform and made you want to onboard?"

"The initial idea I thought was great. We were able to trial the system for a week in the beginning and it was clear to us that the opportunities could be massive."

We can't ignore the last couple of years. Everyone has felt the impact that the pandemic has had not only on the world, but also our industry and individual businesses. We explored this a bit with Nathan asking him "How has Covid effected your business?"

"Covid has affected us tremendously. We currently work from a workshop that is not open to the public directly and we do all our repairs by post. Our first retail store was due to open in December, but we have seen massive delays."

Lastly, we asked Nathan "what would your industry advice be for any customer looking to get their watch repaired?"

“Do your research, check reviews, and speak to someone. Make sure the repair agent you are using is performing the repairs in the correct way and follows the correct procedures. If you always base your opinion on what's cheapest, you will pay twice.”

Watch Hub has been a fantastic partner on RPAIR, completing repairs for our customers weekly, and has been consistently given a 5* rating from the customers with work completed.

Nathan was also excited to share the news that they are opening the, "Peterborough store in the very near future, partnering with RPAIR we have definitely had some much-needed help to our revenue stream so a massive thank you to you guys and everyone there behind the scenes."

For more information on their store opening is in the following link - New watch repair shop 'can't wait' to get into Queensgate

If you would like to learn more about Watch Hub take a look at their website:

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