We‘re changing the way people repair.

At our Jewellery & Watch Repair Marketplace, we‘re revolutionizing the repair process. The traditional struggle to find reliable and affordable repair services is a thing of the past. We‘re creating a platform where customers can effortlessly connect with a diverse network of professional repair partners. By promoting transparency, fair competition, and simplicity, we‘re transforming the repair experience. No more guessing or uncertainties - we‘re making quality repair services easily accessible for all.

Our mission

In today‘s world, finding reliable, professional repair services for jewellery and watches can be a challenging and opaque process. With countless providers, varying prices, and uncertain quality, many of us are left in the dark, not knowing who to trust with our cherished possessions.

This is where we come in. At our Jewellery & Watch Repair Marketplace, we aim to transform the way people repair. We believe that everyone should have access to trustworthy, quality repair services without the hassle and uncertainty traditionally associated with the process. Our marketplace platform is designed to foster transparency and ease.

By championing transparency and accessibility, we are leveling the playing field for both consumers and providers alike. No more guessing, no more uncertainties - just straightforward, reliable repair services at your fingertips. Together, lets change the way we repair. Join us in our mission to make repair services transparent, accessible, and easy for all.

Global Watch & Jewellery Sales in 2022
$400 Billion
Repairs Processed Annually
30+ Million
Repair Businesses Globally

Our values

Our team is committed to delivering world-class service, sharing knowledge, and embracing constant learning. We foster a supportive environment, take responsibility for our actions, and understand the importance of enjoying downtime. Together, these values shape our mission and drive us forward

Be world-class
Striving for excellence in our service and user experience, we set and raise the bar in our industry.
Share everything you know
Through open communication and shared insights, we foster an environment of mutual growth and improvement.
Always learning
In a world that's constantly evolving, we continuously adapt, innovate, and strive to improve.
Be supportive
Committed to our users' and each other's success, we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
Take responsibility
We hold ourselves accountable for our work and decisions, learning from mistakes to do better.
Enjoy downtime
Recognizing the importance of balance, we encourage relaxation and recharging amidst hard work.

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