How much does watch repairs cost?

Date: 2021-07-01T11:08:00.000Z
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Watch repairs are eventually necessary in order to keep your watch running well as well as keeping good time. The repair can go from a quick battery change on a quartz watch to a full revamp of a fine automatic timepiece.

A watch repair may be quite costly, particularly if you elect to let the watch manufacturer do the service. Experienced as well as authorised watchmakers can be found in your area however employing a manufacturer's services also has its benefits and disadvantages.

Watch manufacturers are well versed in repairing their movements and also can easily find the original parts. What's more, they offer manufacturer warranties which ensure you won't have difficulty re-selling the watch. The problem with sending your timepiece to the watch manufacturer is that it can take an excessive amount of time as well as be extremely costly.

Here's an indication of the different types of watch repairs as well as generally how much they could cost.


Quartz movements stop functioning when the battery dies. This and you'll just need a new one. Pricing on a battery change varies from as low as around £7 to upwards of £32 to £43 to reseal and pressure test a water-resistant timepiece after switching out the battery.

Some complicated watches, which are hybrid quartz and chronograph movements, can cost £46 to £68 for a battery change. When you are paying £32 or more for a battery change, the watch repair shop needs to clean the case and the bracelet for you, even though re-polishing steel or gold bracelets and cases involve an additional charge.


It is a complicated procedure which involves completely dismantling the movement (bezel, crystal, pushers). Every part is meticulously checked, tested, repaired/replaced if necessary. The gaskets are switched out. In addition, the watch is demagnetised, and the time is calibrated.

The watchmaker will run quality control tests as well as a water resistance test according to model specifications, hour date setting in addition to a final check of the movement and all functions for over 48 hours. The cost of a revamp depends on the manufacturer, but for a fine Swiss timepiece, the price can start at £144 and can go up to £720 or more.


Watches have either straps (usually leather, animal skin or a new material such as rubber or carbon fibre) or bracelets (usually steel, gold, platinum or titanium).

When you make the choice to get a new strap, you are able to replace it with a similar one or select something different which also fits your specific watch model. Replacement straps vary based on quality as well as material it's made of. It can typically start at £14 for a basic leather strap but can range all the way up to £360 the top Swiss brands.


If the crystal of your watch happens to be cracked or scratched, you'll need to have it replaced. The crystal protects the watch dial and also decreases glare.

Watch crystals can be made up of glass, acrylic, synthetic or – alternatively - genuine sapphire. If you find your watch crystal is always getting scratched, a great option would be to upgrade to a sapphire crystal which is scratch resistant.

The cost for a watch crystal is based on the brand, the type of crystal being replaced, size, and repair service being utilised. On average, the fees can range from £21 for an acrylic crystal up to more than £21 for a sapphire crystal.

Replacement bracelets are frequently more expensive. The prices of these can range from £36 to £54 for a basic steel bracelet all the way up to £720, while gold and platinum bracelets can cost thousands of pounds depending on quality and weight.


The delicate parts of a watch can be damaged very easily if they are mishandled. This means that the utmost care and delicate handling are needed in terms of putting on and taking off your watch. This is why selection of the correct watch repair service is all the more important. You should prefer to leave your watch in professional and trained hands as opposed to someone who is a newbie.

So, when you go about choosing the correct watch repairing service for your timepiece, keep these below-mentioned pointers in mind.


Search the internet for reputed as well as experienced services of watch repairs near me, a handful of watchmakers are found on the list. The ones which have the best reputation will show up on top however do take recommendations from individuals in the area as well. Word of mouth suggestions never go out of fashion.


Certifications and qualifications matter when it comes down to repairing expensive watches. Some of the industry experts have devoted their lives to the art of restoring as well as repairing timepieces. The master watch repairers have received advanced qualifications and thus possess the correct mix of knowledge and experience in order to deal with a wide variety of watches.


In addition to qualifications, you also need to inquire regarding their experience in the field. Quiz them regarding working on similar models of the same brand and also ask about their 'process'. This will disclose the expertise of the entity quite easily and you could decide based on this information.

Assembling and disassembling a complex timepiece requires specialised training and experience and you need an experienced watch repairer, which is equipped with both. One is incomplete without the other.


It is understandable that you could be short of funds and the prospect of getting your watch serviced or repaired from a low-key repairman sounds attractive. However, but don't take that path. You get what you pay for, all the time. As is the case, compound timepieces necessitate years of expertise as well as trained hands in order to complete the repair properly. Specialist parts are challenging to place in and watchmakers are trained for these types of repairs.


Experienced and licenced watch repair professionals will certainly give a warranty for their work. Inexperienced as well as nondescript repairmen will give an oral warranty and also try to shake liability later.

Make it a rule of thumb. Never leave your watch with a service which is not able to give you a quote for its services before repair. Inexperienced watchmakers tend to call back after analysing the situation fully.


It is a vital factor which makes sure that the longevity of a watch. Original replacement parts of an expensive watches are extremely important as inexpensive replacement parts simply will not do.

Certified and skilled watch repair professionals source original parts from the manufacturers or have suppliers for that. In some instances, they send your watch to the manufacturer's facility for repair works.

What you require is a watchmaker with a physical store and in-house professionals who have replacement parts at your disposal. This will significantly reduce your search for a repair expert from a myriad of options.