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Watch battery replacement

Looking for a "watch battery replacement near me"? Look no further! Find a near by or local watch battery replacement service with RPAIR's online comparison site for watch repairs and servicing.

Find the best quote for your new watch battery with our easy to use online platform.

Our verified watch repair partners carry out watch battery replacements for all popular brands like Tag Heuer, Seiko, Rotary, Omega, Apple Watch, Citizen, Raymond Weil, Rolex, Gucci, Accurist, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ebel, Longines, Panerai, Hugo Boss, Fossil, Tudor, Tissot, Hublot and many more.

Watch glass replacement

Nobody wants to walk around with a cracked or even scratched watch glass. It seems unsightly and can destroy the overall look of the watch. If it continues to deteriorate, it can start to break into the face of the watch and start affecting the internal mechanics with the broken pieces of glass.

Watch glass replacements come in three different flavours; acrylic, mineral and sapphire, and we help find the best experts for the job to make your watch shine as it should.

Watch strap replacement

Finding a near by, local watch strap replacement service has never been easier with RPAIR's online comparison site for watch service and repairs.

Find the best quote for your new watch strap with our easy to use watch strap near you comparison site.

Our verified watch repair partners replace straps for all popular brands such as Casio, Seiko, Micheal Kors, Fossil, Gucci, and Premium brands such as Omega, Tagheuer, Rolex and Tissot and many more.

Watch servicing

So, your Tag Heuer, Omega or Rolex stops working and you have no idea why...

The solution? We recommend those that can handle all of the top makes and models of watches so don't hesitate to go in and get a watch service done on your high-end quality model. We ensure to find the best local watch repair partner for you who will look at it with their white-glove service.

They will disassemble your watch, replace any worn parts, lubricate with oils and greases, check for timekeeping issues, and reassemble your watch to be good as new!

Watch link removal or addition

Sometimes we make a purchase on a watch and we get a watch bracelet that starts to feel a bit tight.

Only go to a professional for this, and we help to find the professional who will have the exact watch link part for your needs. These professionals provide link extensions from everything from Rolex gold link bracelets to Omega stainless steel bracelets.

Watch link removal can be done as well, in case you want to shorten the circumference for any reason.

Watch restoration

Sometimes you receive an heirloom Cartier or Longines watch and it needs some TLC.

Finding a certified and professional watch restoration partner can be tough at times, but we do the heavy lifting of finding that right partner. They, in turn, will get these beautiful watches back to their original shine in no time.

When looking for a watch restoration company near you – always remember us, as we only show those that will ensure that the watch is brushed, cleaned, restored and fully functional.

Watch polishing

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful watch like Rolex or Cartier looking scratched and worn.

But don't reach for the toothbrush and toothpaste just yet, instead check us out and get matched with the best watch polishing services near you, to bring back the lustre of the precious metals chosen to be worn on your wrist.

We make sure our partners will have the right tools to ensure that there's no accidental tearing or scratches on your watch bracelet. Whether it's gold, silver, platinum or something even rarer, let the right professionals handle it.

Smart watch repair

We have expanded our network to showcase repair services focused on getting the latest Smart Watches fixed quickly.

It doesn't matter which make and model you have, these repair services cover all screens and sizes available for those accidents that can happen to any of us. In most cases, unless the damage is extensive, these repairs for smartwatches are repaired the same day – even within the hour.

These high tech service teams can even offer smartwatch battery replacements and repairs, whether it be the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy 2, or many other models.

Watch cleaning

We live busy lives and that means our quality watches get dirty as well.

Please ensure to take care and use the right cleaning materials to clean the watch, not to damage it or accidentally miscolour it.

Remember, watches are made with leather or precious metals, which means that specialised cleaning solutions need to be used. Whether you've got a Hugo Boss or Fossil, all watches eventually will need to get a clean and polish to look their best

Watch bezel replacement

The Watch Bezel is the piece of ornate 'armour' that goes around the circumference of the watch.

This can be a completely separate piece and over time can fall off or get damaged. Finding a watch bezel replacement service nearby can be tough, as it requires carrying a variety of inventory.

Not every repair service handles this, so come to us to find the best services near you who can fix your Raymond Weil or Rolex bezel.

Watch bracelet clean & polish

This is the underbelly of your watch and is built like plate mail. This will get the most wear and tear, the most scratches and because of where it lays on your wrist, maybe completely ignored!

Knowing how to clean a watch bracelet can be tricky because at times it can require buffing out the scratches.

You need the blacksmith of watches and we can show you the way, especially when it comes to Hublot, Cartier, Omega, or Rolex watches, as they have the specialised equipment to restore these watches and more!

Watch bracelet pin replacement

Sometimes these can wear out, and RPAIR can help find someone who literally carries all the possible sizes to offer a watch bracelet pin replacement.

Although these should not need replacing, life can be unpredictable, and we have you covered.

Since these are multi-purpose, they can be used for any metallic bracelet watch whether it's a Tissot, or an Audemars Piguet. This type of service can usually be done in a day.

Watch bracelet repair

Since it is ignored and especially if the rest of the bracelet is not made out of metal, the watch bracelet will need to be repaired at some point.

This can mean a repair of the existing watch bracelet, which is the best option, or in some rare cases, a complete replacement.

Find the best-priced watch bracelet repair company on RPAIR. One focused on the repair of original material because in some cases especially with older brands such as Cartier or Tag Heuer, they can be a family heirloom and those parts may no longer exist anymore!

Watch case repair

The watch case is the shield of the watch, and the professionals we have matched you with will detach it expertly from the bracelet carefully.

They then separate the fine mechanisms inside, especially with Swiss movement watches such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Omega or Breitling, from the case itself.

This is where they can begin to safely polish and restore the case to its original glory and then reassemble it with the calibrated mechanisms intact.

Watch crown replacement

This is the only moving part that an owner will use. They will constantly use it to wind up the watch, or to change the time, or for another functionality.

Our partners that we match you with, provide multiple replacement types, such as Cartier, Emporio Armani, Fossil, Tudor, and Gucci to name a few.

Without this piece, the watch cannot be properly calibrated or more importantly, cannot function as the manual spring will not have a crown to wind it up. Get this replaced immediately.

Watch dial restoration

This is the 'face' of the watch and also the most unique part.

In the rare case that this needs to be fixed or restored, we can provide assistance in matching you with local restoration experts.

This is meant for the preservation of any watch, especially those that are generational within the family. This is not only restricted to Cartier or Rolex watches but covers any type of restoration repairs needed for all watches.

Watch engraving

Our matched experts check to see if the case is too thin to have an engraving and provide this service to memorialise a special event for a loved one.

When looking for watch engraving specialists near you, look no further than our matches, as they can offer both machines, and hand engraving for that timeless look, on your classic watch.

Keep in mind that engraving might reduce the value of a watch, and could be reserved for a lower-priced model such as Fossil, Hugo Boss, Seiko, or Calvin Klien.

Watch hands repair

Let RPAIR match you with local watch hands repair and replacement experts near you.

These are by far one of the most delicate services on this list and are similar to a Watch Dial replacement.

The main issue is them getting stuck so a consistent cleaning could alleviate the problem, but sometimes, damage can happen and the experts need to get in there and delicately fix those watch hands.

Watch bracelet replacement

Sometimes the unexpected happens. The damage is severe or the watch is very old.

Sometimes the watch bracelet replacement needs to happen sooner rather than later.

We do our best to carry compatible replacements especially for Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Tag Heuer, or even an Arnold & Son watch. These are what connects the whole timepiece and make it completely unwearable without one. Reach out to us for a quote.

Watch pressure testing & resealing

James Bond wears Omega watches because they are not only stylish and beautiful but built for the life of an adventurer.

Even a super spy could use a watch pressure testing and resealing service.

This ensures that when one has to unexpectedly jump into the water, their watch will continue to function as the sealant makes it waterproof, or at the least, water-resistant. This is another one of the specialised services we help find and match for you to ensure that your timepiece collection is at maximum functionality.

Watch strap pin replacement

Sometimes a watch strap pin can wear out, and we can help find someone who literally carries all the possible sizes to offer a watch bracelet pin replacement.

Although these should not need replacing, life can be unpredictable, and RPAIR has you covered.

Since these are multi-purpose, they can be used for any metallic bracelet watch whether it's a Tissot, or an Audemars Piguet. This type of service can usually be done in a day.

Watch valuation

It's possible your eccentric Uncle left you an original IWC, or Jaeger LeCoultre or possibly a solid gold Rolex watch.

You want to believe him, but at the same time, you want to be sure.

Finding watch valuation experts near you can be tough, so we do the research for you, while they assess the authenticity of the watch, the state that it is in, and the overall market value of it. This way you have the confidence in whatever your next decision is with it.

Smart watch glass replacement

Some of the lower end Apple Watch, or even Xiaomi brands are made with simple glass versus sapphire quartz.

Glass breaks, and when it does, we are there to be your smartwatch glass replacement service experts.

Again, we help you find the best wrist tech watch repair services who will cleanly remove the entire glass shell and provide a replacement before you can say Smart Watch, or at least within the day. Let these experts handle it, especially with removing the shards of glass everywhere.

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