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Selling or insuring precious jewellery isn't something that should be rushed. Without an accurate figure for your ring's value, it's impossible to know where you stand. You've tried searching for 'ring valuation near me'. Now try something that actually works.

RPAIR can connect you with the jewellery services you need in just a few clicks. Provide some information about your ring on this page and we'll show you a curated list of options in your area.

Our partners work with finely tuned equipment and have everything they need to accurately determine the value of your ring. It's only natural to be a little concerned when handing your precious jewellery over to someone else. The good news here is that RPAIR only ever partners with shops that will treat your ring with the respect it deserves.

Why use RPAIR?

  1. 1. Compare quotes,
    save time & money

    Compare quotes from a variety of repair workshops so you know you are getting the best price on your Watch & jewellery repairs!

  2. 2. Read reviews,
    get quality repairs

    Read reviews on your local repair shops so you feel reassured that you've made the right choice for your new watch strap or ring resize!

  3. 3. Keep updated with
    real-time messaging

    Progress notifications and RPAIR's real-time chat messenger keeps you in touch & informed of the progress of your watch or jewellery repair.

Ring valuation near me

Ever asked yourself 'how much is my ring worth?' You're in the right place. Our valuation partners are best-in-class for quality, speed, and reliability. You'll provide us with details of your ring's precious metal, any stones that it features and ideally its weight (If you're unsure about any of these, your valuation specialist can check this in person.).

These details help us match you with compatible services nearby who can send you a digital estimate for their work.

Once your ring arrives, it goes through a thorough valuation process to determine precisely how much value your jewellery holds.

This is done using the latest equipment and in a fully controlled environment. Your estimate can be used to support the sale or insuring of your ring at a later date. Don't leave it up to chance – move forward with confidence instead.

Jewellery repair with RPAIR - how it works

The RPAIR process usually looks like this:

1. RPAIR connects you with our ring valuation partners so you can compare quotes. based on price, location, and reviews!

2. Once selected, either drop off your jewellery in person or send it in the post.

3. Your ring will go through a rigorous process to determine its precise value.

4. You'll receive regular updates about the progress of your valuation.

5. You get your ring back with an accurate valuation.

Our partners can repair any jewellery brand

Emson Haig
Doltons Jewellery
Frederick Allen
In Time
Bonds of Brentwood
Imperial Time

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