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One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your favourite bracelets is to find a good bracelet rhodium plating service in your area. If you've owned your accessory for quite some time, you'll notice a huge improvement in appearance with this kind of service.

The jewellery we wear is hugely important. Not only is it usually expensive, it often carries immense sentimental value too. If your bracelet was worth buying in the first place, it's worth maintaining with the proper treatments.

At RPAIR, we can help you compare the best services for your jewellery online. Shops can be accessed locally or by post – choose whichever suits you best! The quality of our partners is an absolute priority at RPAIR. If they're featured on this page, they're excellent at what they do.

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    Compare quotes from a variety of repair workshops so you know you are getting the best price on your Watch & jewellery repairs!

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    Read reviews on your local repair shops so you feel reassured that you've made the right choice for your new watch strap or ring resize!

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    Progress notifications and RPAIR's real-time chat messenger keeps you in touch & informed of the progress of your watch or jewellery repair.

Jewellery rhodium plating by post

A bracelet rhodium plating is a highly skilled procedure; it requires the right equipment, training, and experience to get the job done properly. This page lets you compare tonnes of options that are compatible with your jewellery so you can find the best possible service.

You'll choose from a list of digital estimates and then approve a final quote once your jewellery has arrived at your shop. A member of the platinum group of metals, rhodium is up to 25 times more valuable than gold.

This is thanks to both its beautiful appearance and its outstanding durability. Your jewellery specialist will carefully inspect your bracelet before applying a rhodium plating. Old instances of plating and other debris can be ultrasonically or chemically removed before a new plating is installed.

The result is a fully plated bracelet that not only looks sensational, but is a little more hardwearing to boot!

Jewellery repair with RPAIR - how it works

The RPAIR process usually looks like this:

1. We connect you with our bracelet rhodium plating partners so you can compare quotes based on price, location, and reviews!

2. Once selected, either drop off your bracelet in person or send it in the post.

3. Your bracelet will be assessed by a technician to determine which services are necessary.

4. A quote will be given for your approval. Once approved, work can begin.

5. You'll receive regular updates about the progress of your plating.

6. You get your bracelet back as good as new!

Our partners can repair any jewellery brand

Emson Haig
Doltons Jewellery
Frederick Allen
In Time
Bonds of Brentwood
Imperial Time

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