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Ring repair

Don't just go to anyone for ring repair. Let us help you find experts; from ring resizing to actual breaks.

They can assess the original material and replace it with the same component. The next step is to polish the ring and make sure that it fits the finger before completion. Ring resizing or ring adjustment is not expensive either.

These same repair specialists easily handle metals such as gold, silver, platinum or steel, and will also cover jewels that fall out of their sockets and provide expert precious metal cleaning services.

Don't forget we have businesses that offer Postal repairs but can also offer drop-off in-store repairs and on some occasions same-day repairs.

Necklace repair

The most common repair needed is a clasp replacement or repair. We find the most budget-friendly repair services near you.

They can work with all types of materials and truly focus on the connecting piece. They can replace a link, or if the necklace is holding a pendant or locket, can take out the whole necklace and replace it with a new one.

In the case of pearl necklaces, we find experts who only handle the replacement of lost pearls, replace the chain holding them together and provide gentle cleaning services as well.

Bracelet repair

Bracelets can take a lot of abuse. They're on your wrist and can consistently bang into objects and get dented or scratched really easily.

Come to us to find the right people for the job. They will use their specialised tools to gently clean and buff out any of these scuffs that can occur, and restore the natural brightness of metal-based bracelets.

They also ensure that any charms, studs or jewellery socketed can be fixed and/or replaced as well.

Chain repair

Chains are usually made out of precious metals and gold chain repair can be necessary quite often, due to gold being malleable and heavier than other materials.

This requires detail-oriented experts, and we can help you find them.

They can solder the item together with the same material, reshape it to the chain design, and then buff and polish until you can no longer even tell it was ever broken.

Cufflink repair

Cufflinks are very durable overall. Their weak point is the clasp portion that connects the shirt cuffs together.

After consistent use, they can begin to have severe wear and tear, and eventually become so loose, they fall off. Finding someone to fix these can be difficult, but we've still found them for you!

They can re-tighten any type of cufflink, or replace the clasp portion altogether if necessary. This lets you get out there – showing your fashionable cufflinks in no time!

Earring repair

Earrings can have multiple parts to them. We can help find those that cater to earring repairs of the clasp, socket, or even gem replacement.

Sometimes just the earring clasp can be lost, and you don’t need to use a pencil eraser as a replacement. This is especially true for earring butterflies that our matched experts can easily replace or fix.

These same earring magicians can provide cleaning and restorations services. Instead of searching for how to clean diamond earrings, come to us to find someone who can do it properly, someone who has the specific cleaning materials to make those diamonds shine their brightest.

Locket repair

Lockets are meant to protect something close to our hearts. They can hold a memory of a loved one long gone, and we make sure to take extra care when repairing this.

Let us help you find an expert to provide cleaning services and restorative services for lockets that have intricate designs dulled down by time.

Lockets also have a weight on them that can sometimes break down the connector clasp to the necklace or chain. Locket repair services will easily replace it so you can always have your beloved memory near you.

Pendant repair

Pendants are statement pieces. They can carry a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones and these stones can be uncut and at odd angles.

This means the socketing mechanism is usually customised for each piece of stone. You need to find an artist to reshape it, and we have already found them for you!

They can bring back the correct shape and resecure the centrepiece as needed. They can also replace or repair a broken bail; in case it breaks off the necklace.

Charm repair

Charms are beautiful complicated pieces. Most charm bracelets are made out of rhodium, which can need replating after some usage.

Since there's also a lot of different moving parts and extensions to a charm bracelet, we have found specialised repair shops that can repair the various types such as metal charms, stone charms, and gem charms.

While they make your charm bracelet stronger, they can also clean and polish it, so that it is a clearly visible fashion statement.

Brooch repair

A brooch is an intricate timeless piece. It is also a very complex piece that can have numerous types of metals, gems and stones all combined together.

The intricate work and repairs require the highest level of expertise. We have sourced the best in the business and local to your needs.

They can replace lost precious stones/gems, provide cleaning and polishing services, and fix any of the metallic portions that might have been dented or worn out. They can touch up the enamel and even repair the brooch pin.

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