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RPAIR is a new smart platform that connects your workshop with online watch & jewellery repair customers so you can grow your repair business using the power of the internet.

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How it works

  1. 1. Sign up

    Sign up and let our powerful platform connect local customers with your shop and increase the number of watch & jewellery repair jobs.

  2. 2. Your services online

    Automatically inform local customers about the watch and jewellery repair services you offer online.

  3. 3. Automated quotes

    A request for a "New Watch Battery"? RPAIR automatically responds to the customer with your pre-set price, saving you and the customer time!

  4. 4. Repair updates

    Once your quote has been accepted and the repair arrives, you can use notifications to automatically update customers on their repair's progress. Live chat is available so you can keep customers informed!

  5. 5. Manage your jobs

    Keep track of your live jobs throughout the repair process with our easy to use online platform, accessible anywhere. You can manage a seamless customer experience and collect the data you need to grow your repair business.

  6. 6. Get reviews

    Get online reviews for your hard work to help you attract more customers. You deserve it!

Same repairs, new customers

Input all of your watch & jewellery repair services and your shop will become searchable to RPAIR's online customer community. RPAIR's smart platform will connect you with new, local customers looking for the repair services you offer. New customers made simple!

Automate your repair quotes

The RPAIR platform lets you setup custom quote templates for your repair services, so you can give customers quotes automatically. You'll never miss out on a job again, even after work hours. Sit back, relax and let RPAIR do the work!

Live chat & real-time notifications

As you move your jobs through the process on the RPAIR platform, your customers are automatically notified of the progress saving you time making calls or sending emails. If you need to give them more detail, use our live chat to improve the customer experience.

Know your business, grow your business

RPAIR provides real time reporting on your repairs and their status helping you get the data you need to manage and grow your business. Available anytime, anywhere, on your phone or computer.

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Doltons Jewellery
Frederick Allen
In Time
Bonds of Brentwood
Tic Toc Man

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