Partner of the month: Frederick Allen

Frederick Allen: the recommended jewellers

RPAIR is honoured to have Frederick Allen Jewellers come on board to help service our customers for both Watch & Jewellery repairs. Featuring as our Partner of the Month they are proud to use the tag line 'The Recommended Jewellers', a name they have lived up to on our platform. With 5* reviews coming in from all customers, so far, that have chosen them to work on their beloved items.

Our Co-Founder Abbie managed to get a chance to speak to Tim and ask him a few questions regarding his business and his thoughts on RPAIR.

We asked Tim how he got into the Watch & Jewellery repair industry?

"I left college at 17 and started into the family business. I learnt watch and jewellery repairs then eventually took over the shop from my father." Tim

"So this truly is a family ran business, how amazing. So being in the industry for such a long time, what type of repairs do you get excited about?" Abbie asked

"I enjoy all manner of repairs but the challenging ones get the juices flowing" Tim

Abbie asked Tim "what are your thoughts about RPAIR and what the platform is doing?"

"I think RPAIR is the answer I have been looking for to gain more business via the internet. Great platform and friendly staff" Tim replied

"As one of the first businesses on RPAIR, what attracted you to the joining the platform?" Abbie was interested to know

"As by chance my colleague met one of the founders and put us in touch. I was immediately impressed by the well thought out, easy to use platform so it was a no-brainer for me!" Tim explained

"We are hopefully at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of the lockdown. But I am interested to know the impact that the pandemic had on your business, and how your repair business looked when you re-opened?" Abbie wanted to know.

"Since re-opening our repair business went crazy! Without doubt the busiest we have ever been in over 70 years of trading, it really tested our mettle and I am pleased to say we coped well." Tim responded

"With someone who has grown up in the industry, if you had one piece of advice for a customer looking to get an item repaired, what would it be?" Abbie was interested to know.

"I would say 1 piece of advice would be:- do not necessarily go for the cheapest repair option. Bear in mind that our work whether watch or jewellery is a highly skilled trade and, in my experience, often, customers do not appreciate the complexity and personal nature of the items we are dealing with." Tim explained.

Frederick Allen Jewellers has been a valuable Partner on the RPAIR platform, offering a wide range of repair services, and with many years of experience in the industry they truly are a great business to service our customers.

Thank you, Tim, for taking the time to speak with Abbie and letting us have a little insight into what you do.

Visit Frederick Allen Jewellers website to find out more.

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